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faro's trueup the only way to capture unbiased evidence for many of our clients was to use point cloud technology, a methodology that supported an honest conversation with the public. the new faro focussseries scanner with integrated real time on-site registration simulation offers these solutions. real-time on-site registration simulation enables users to assess registration errors in simulation mode and to work out the required adjustments in order to achieve, within specifications, the right alignment and surface position for the scan.

FARO Technologies Scene

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as experience has shown, in many cases, based upon the existing environment, a more important concern may be scanning from the doorway of a structure. the new faro focuss scanner can register and display multiple scans all in the same view using the on-site registration feature.

at the same time, the faro focuss scanners have an intuitive user interface, and feature faro's innovative trueup technology. this technology automatically detects even non-visible features in the scan which can lead to false positives during registration. the faro focussscanner can be used to quickly scan a number of linear objects, typically a five-foot curtain, a pole or a traffic line. the scan can then be rotated and aligned within faro scene for a fast and easy export into a 3d cad environment.

the faro focuss scanner can also be used as a scan tool, which will produce a series of parallel lines within a work area. faro scene will automatically snap the scan to a given distance, such as a foot, a meter or whatever is required. once the scan is registered and exported to a 3d cad environment, any points that fail to meet the requested dimensions or geometry can be "snapped back" into the original scan at an infinitely fine level of detail.


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