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An expressed view in the narratives is that skydiving clubs in Sweden tend to interpret the national regulations in various ways, which also affects incident reporting. Some clubs are believed to conform to the regulations very strictly and even enforce higher demands than the national regulations on their members by, for example, totally prohibiting high-speed landings. On the other side of the spectrum are clubs, which are considered less conforming to the regulations, informally, allowing people to use equipment not suitable to their experience level.

Rangers' total of 54 in 114 seasons gives them 47.4 per cent of Scottish titles, which is just above Linfield's 50 out of 110 in Northern Ireland but below that of Olympiakos in Greece, the only European club to have won more than 50 per cent.

England is not the only country in which the tax authorities are taking a greater interest in football. Argentina's government has just passed new legislation intended to crack down on money laundering, telling clubs that they must supply details of every employee earning more than 8,800 a year as well as everyone they deal with, including sponsors and agents.

Leeds United fans of a superstitious bent would doubtless have been worried about the possible appointment of caretaker manager Neil Redfearn on a permanent basis, given his unfortunate record with relegated clubs.


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