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J Lindeberg Belt

If there is a single item of clothing that signified a changing in the guard in golf fashion it would be hard to argue against the J. Lindeberg Slater belt in white first made popular by Jesper Parnevik.

j lindeberg belt

I want to pick up a J.Lindeberg belt off ebay, but is unsure if the sizes are true. I am a size 32, but after looking at the measurements provided by the Ebay sellers, I am confused. Their size 32=90cm. After measuring my own belt, i would have to wear a size 38 in J.lindeberg. Please help.

The Lindeberg belts due run true to size for the most part. In other words, as far as the conversions are concerned, a 90 is indeed a 32. The only problem I've run into is that the belts can often vary by size depending on where they're manufactored. Not all the belts are made in the same place, so a 90 produced in Stockholm may measure different than one of the belts that is produced in Italy. Also, be careful who you're buying from on eBay; a lot of those belts are fake. If you want to tell me who the seller is I can tell you as best I can whether or not I know if they're selling fake belts. :drinks:

I understand you are confused , JL sizes are a problem , I'm a size 32 and normally I use large , but when I buy JL it is size xl in shirts and in trousers it could be everything between 31-33 inch. I have 2 belts the one big JL logo is 36/95 and the other one with the clubhead is 34/85 , but when I check them the are both 90 cm. :drinks:

Prior to the mid-aughts (mid-2000s), belts were basically an afterthought in the golf fashion world. They were either black or brown leather with a traditional prong-style buckle. If you walked into a golf shop, maybe you would find a small rack of rather boring looking belts.

Webbed belts have been trending on the fairways over the last couple of years. I tend to favor them in warmer months as they offer a lighter look and feel than leather. That being said, the webbed Slaters that J.Lindeberg has in its AW/14 collection are too good to pass up right now. Of course, JL has put its own unique twist on the webbed belt by adding leather details to the strap at the buckle and at the fastening holes. I love this! Not only does it add an element of style, but it also increases the durability.

The Slater 40 White Leather Belt by JL is 100% leather (available both in white and black) is complete with a buckle in a brushed steel finish. The belt is 4cm in widtth and comes in sizes from 90-110. Web:

J.Lindeberg are experts when it comes to fashionable golf accessories and their range of golf belts is always up there with the best. The "Bridger" leather golf belt is a tried and tested style which makes excellent use of an exclusively sourced Italian leather strap, complete with a brushed metallic buckle in the shape of the iconic JL Bridge logo. An essential pick up to complete your J.Lindeberg looks on the golf course this season. 041b061a72


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