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What is the best way to pick the perfect Couple Jewelry Sets?

The answer is a clear yes.

Get your wedding planning in order. rings

Wedding rings should be ordered at least three months in advance, and best of all, four months before the wedding date. This will allow time for engravings and special demands. It is always a good idea to do some research before you go.

Tip: You're late? You can ask the jeweler to engraving the rings following the wedding.

Ask experts

These rings will accompany you for the rest of your life. It is a good reason to think things through carefully and rely on the sound advice of a jeweler or goldsmith you have faith in. Deals on the internet are not in the question here!

Wedding rings: Try all the things

There are endless ring shapes and colors that influence the way they feel and appear. Only those who have tried everything by themselves will be able to feel the difference and possibilities. It is important to pay attention to the ring's crowning (the inner curvature) since this will determine how comfortable to wear the rings.

Eyes widen

If you're deciding to choose "your" wedding ring there is only one person who can have a say: your gut. Be awed by your instincts and that "Yes this is it!" feeling. You never know, you might find yourself in love with the person who seems completely new to you.

Wedding rings that showcase your individuality

You want rose gold but your partner won't? It's not necessary to go through any (pre)marriage stress. An element of design that is common such as a surface structure or shape, can be enough to identify you as a married couple, even if your wedding rings are distinct.

Better to stay clear of:

Chase discounts

We're not willing to make the same mistakes, but Wedding rings are intended to last for a lifetime. So don't cut corners. You'll get the best quality materials such as platinum, 585 or 750 gold, safely set diamonds, and amazing designs for a long time.

You'll still be able to get the wedding rings you've always wanted even if your budget isn't large enough to spend the money.

The results are fabricated.

On hot summer days, or during cold winter days, the circumference of your fingers can change. When you're testing your gloves, make sure they are comfortable.

Surprise yourself

Do you prefer an elaborate rings model, for instance using stones on the rings rails or with engraving on the outside? Or made of a special material such as carbon? Request specific information in advance to determine if any future adjustments to size are possible.


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