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University College Birmingham is internationally renowned for our chef training and catering courses, with an experienced team of expert chef lecturers and excellent professional kitchen facilities for you to hone your culinary skills. Our Level 2 course introduces you to key food preparation and cookery skills, while the Level 3 course builds on your culinary foundations to take your cooking to a higher level with more complex techniques and dishes, preparing you either to start your career or move onto a university degree.


Our cookery collection is the largest collection of its kind that is available at a public university. Many of the community cookbooks represent a specific place and time, allowing researchers insight about the socio-economic status of the cookbooks' contributors as well as what ingredients were available in that location at the time the cookbook was published.

This collection includes over 38,000 volumes related to cookery dating from 1487 to the present and represents nearly every country or region. In addition to contemporary cookbooks, the collection include personal papers from important food writers, cookbooks generated by American communities and churches and rare manuscript cookbooks from the 17th through 20th centuries.

Staff and volunteers are transcribing more than 20 manuscript cookbooks to make them digitally accessible to the public. The collaborative nature of this online project means that anyone in the world can view the cookbooks and help us transcribe and even translate them. The manuscript portion of the cookery collection contains over 250 cookbooks in many languages and countries of origin, from the late 17th century to the present. Our transcription project's goal is to make the cookbooks available to researchers around the world. The project is supported by the Caul Access to Cookery endowment.

Generalising further, one may say that the characteristic British diet is a simple, rather heavy, perhaps slightly barbarous diet, drawing much of its virtue from the excellence of the local materials, and with its main emphasis on sugar and animal fats. It is the diet of a wet northern country where butter is plentiful and vegetable oils are scarce, where hot drinks are acceptable at most hours of the day, and where all the spices and some of the stronger-tasting herbs are exotic products. Garlic, for instance, is unknown in British cookery proper: on the other hand mint, which is completely neglected in some European countries, figures largely. In general, British people prefer sweet things to spicy things, and they combine sugar with meat in a way that is seldom seen elsewhere.

The University of Denver Cookery and Foodways Collection is particularly strong in American regional cookery, and contains a large number of privately published fund-raising cookbooks from churches, service organizations, and other community groups. The collection is primarily in English, but includes volumes on cooking from around the world.


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