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Why Pit Hartling Card Fictions is One of the Best Books on Card Magic Ever Written

Its not often that I see an effect that I think, why didnt anyone else see that before? And then a friend says, "well, look at it like this".So, what do you get with a card school?You get Greg Hocheters Card School. Have a look, he includes (as a bonus): a number of effects, including several great card treats, several neat location effects, and plenty of new stuff as well. The routines seem solid enough, and I dont want to spoil too many of them (youll have to read the book), but the book has a lot going for it. You get a slightly different flavor for each effect. After all, he wrote Card College, Volumes 2, 3, and 4, so he probably didnt feel the need to write a short treatment for each routine here. I feel Card College, Volumes 2, 3, and 4 are a bit hard to read, but Card Fictions is very easy to read. You can just focus on the content of the effect that you are interested in. Some of the routines are harder to read than others, but all of them are worth studying.

Pit Hartling Card Fictions.pdf A

Tangled Web: by Greg Hocheters: Tangled Web is a book of card magic. Unlike Card Fictions, it doesnt have several aspects to it. Its more of a collection of things. Have a look, youre sure to find something you like.

This has that feel of a card school to it. You get a nice little introduction to what you might call extra precision magic. The things he discusses are: modes, sequences, cribs, and sleights. Those familiar with the faro shuffle (and really only one step removed from the original faro) will find many ideas in here that they already know. You might have to bridge over a few hundred years in magic. But it's an easy bridge. There's a lot of this book devoted to faro shuffling, and very little talk about how faro shuffling works.


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