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IStripper V2.138 NSFW Download [UPDATED]

istripper gives you the ability to customize your experience in many ways, including choosing the video quality (full, high, etc), the release date, and the hair color of the girl. choose between the crystal clear and standard quality, and of course, the color of the girl can vary from redhead to blonde. you can even change the background image, as well as the background music, to make your show your very own.

iStripper V2.138 NSFW download

with istripper, youll have the ability to share your custom show with all your friends, as well as your internet friends. you can even send private messages to your favorite strippers, as well as have strippers call you back to your own private showroom. the possibilities are endless, so if you want to create a completely custom adult entertainment experience, then istripper is the perfect tool for you.

while istripper isnt for everyone, if you arent that concerned with your privacy, then it is the perfect adult entertainment tool for you. if you are someone who wants the flexibility to pick and choose when you want to watch a show, as well as the ability to have a private performance online, istripper is the perfect program for you. not only does it give you access to a 3,000+ porn show of the most beautiful women in the world, but it also gives you the ability to customize your show to your very own personal tastes.

the other great feature of istripper is the ability to save your shows to your computer. you can view your shows on any computer you want, not just the one on which the program is installed. so if you have a friend who wants to watch a show, you can send them a link to the show that you want to share, and then they can view it right from their computer. no need to download the video or share a link with them. its all right there on your istripper account.


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