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Marcus Morris 2K22

Whether you're looking to emulate a sharpshooter archetype build or get the upper hand from outside against your rival, these are the players with the highest-rated three-point attribute in NBA 2k22.

Marcus Morris 2K22

While he boasts 47 badges (two of them at Hall of Fame level), the build of an Offensive Threat and a 94 overall rating in 2k22, Lillard's three-point rating sits at 87 despite finishing third in the league last season with 275 three-pointers made over 67 games and possessing one of the most deadly three-point shots in the NBA.

Durant carries the reputation as one of the league's best players and his overall rating of 96 and build of an Offensive Threat this year will reinforce that. While he might be considered low on this list, his three-point rating of 89, 47 badges (including four Hall of Fame badges), and all-around talent not only make him one of the most threatening options when shooting from outside but one of the best options overall in 2k22.

Despite posting a 40.8 three-point percentage, Robinson finished 4th in the league last season with 250 made three-pointers and is quickly making a name for himself as one of the NBA's premier three-point shooters. His 2k22 overall only sits at 78, but his 90 three-point rating and build of a Shooter makes him one of your best options in the game from outside.

Another player with a lower overall rating of 79, Harris put his skills from outside on display last year with 211 made three-pointers, which earned him a 90 three-point rating in 2k22 with the build of a Shooter.

Known as one of the NBA's top-scoring threats, Thompson has missed the last two seasons with devastating knee injuries but it hasn't affected his ratings in 2k22. The Shooting Guard/Small Forward has the build of a Two-Way Sharpshooter and retains an overall rating of 87, boasting a swollen three-point rating of 95, with 37 badges, including two Hall of Fame shooting badges.

There's little surprise to see one of the best shooters in the history of the game in the top spot. Much like reality, Stephen Curry is almost unstoppable from beyond the arc in 2k22. He is the only player in the game with a maxed-out three-point rating of 99 and holds a stunning 47 offensive badges with four Hall of Fame level shooting badges. If you're looking to dominate on the outside with a three-point juggernaut build, consider emulating Curry's Offensive Threat build; if you're looking to embarrass somebody with a flurry of three-pointers, use Curry and the Golden State Warriors. 041b061a72


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