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Lightmap HDR Light Studio Carbon 7.8.2 Crack Crack

Lightmap HDR Light Studio Carbon 7.8.2: A Review

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating realistic and stunning 3D renders. Whether you are working on product design, automotive, architecture, or visual effects, you need a powerful and flexible tool to create and edit image-based lighting for your 3D scenes. That's where Lightmap HDR Light Studio comes in.

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Lightmap HDR Light Studio is a dedicated lighting software that integrates seamlessly with your existing 3D software and renderer. It allows you to build your own unique HDRI maps and HDR textured area light setups using a simple and intuitive interface. You can drag and drop preset HDR lights onto the live render, or use LightPaint to position lights by clicking on the model. You can also see the lighting update instantly in your 3D software as you work in HDR Light Studio.

In this article, we will review the latest version of HDR Light Studio, Carbon 7.8.2, and highlight some of its new features and improvements.

New Render View

One of the most exciting features of HDR Light Studio Carbon 7.8.2 is the new Render View. This feature allows you to start an interactive rendering session in the connected 3D software and display the image in the HDR Light Studio interface. You can then use LightPaint to click on the render to position lights and see the external render update instantly inside HDR Light Studio. You can also drag and drop preset lights onto the render view.

The benefits of this feature are:

  • Ideal for users with a single display everything needed to create perfect lighting is now available inside HDR Light Studios interface. No need to juggle two interfaces.

  • For many lighting tasks, HDR Light Studios own renderer is no longer needed and can be closed. Freeing resources for your main 3D renderer during your lighting session.

  • Working directly on the final render enables better lighting decisions seeing the light interact directly with the final shaders inside HDR Light Studio.

The new Render View is compatible at launch with the following 3D software and renderers:

3D SoftwareRenderer

3ds MaxV-Ray, Corona, Arnold, Redshift

MayaV-Ray, Arnold, Octane, Redshift, RenderMan

We look forward to adding this feature to additional connections in the future.

Faster Area Lights

Another improvement in HDR Light Studio Carbon 7.8.2 is the faster performance of area lights in HDR Light Studios own 3D renderer. Area lights are now created, adjusted and soloed instantly even when loading huge 3D scenes. This inbuilt renderer is the perfect pre-vis lighting tool when IPR updates are too slow in the connected 3D renderer.

3ds Max and Maya Connection Workflow Improvements

HDR Light Studio is now even easier to use with 3ds Max and Maya. The plug-in now creates the lighting setup for you simply press Start and begin image based lighting. Bringing the 3D scene into HDR Light Studio is also a click away press Play and the scene will be automatically imported.


HDR Light Studio Carbon 7.8.2 is a major release that brings new features and enhancements to the already powerful and user-friendly lighting software. It allows you to create and edit image based lighting for your 3D scenes with ease and speed, while integrating seamlessly with your existing 3D software and renderer. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, HDR Light Studio can help you achieve amazing lighting results in minutes.

If you want to try HDR Light Studio for yourself, you can request a free trial from their website. You can also find more information, tutorials, gallery images, and customer testimonials on their website.


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