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A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Full Fixed Pdf 11

The monk who sold his ferrari pdf free download. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari has been a very special project, brought to fruition through the efforts of some very special people. I am deeply grateful to my superb production team and to all those whose enthusiasm and energy transformed my vision of this book into reality, especially my family at Sharma Leadership International. Your commitment and sense of mission move me.

a monk who sold his ferrari full pdf 11

Imagine if you were told a fable that was so powerful, it made you sell your Ferrari and become a monk. What kind of fable could be that persuasive? This story involves the life of a lawyer who sold his Ferrari and became a monk. The author also explains how our minds are like gardens, why we should picture lighthouses to guide us in our lives, and what sumo wrestlers can teach us about success.


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