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Chain Gang Cadence Movie UPDATED Download

This was Cooke's second-biggest American hit, his first hit single for RCA Victor after leaving Keen Records earlier in 1959, and was also his first top 10 hit since "You Send Me" from 1957, and his second-biggest pop single. The song was inspired after a chance meeting with an actual chain gang of prisoners on a highway, seen while Cooke was on tour.[2]

chain gang cadence movie download

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Chain gangs were groups of convicts forced to labor at tasks such as road construction, ditch digging, or farming while chained together. Some chain gangs toiled at work sites near the prison, while others were housed in transportable jails such as railroad cars or trucks. The improvements they made to public roadways had significant impact on rural areas, allowing planters to more quickly and more easily transport their crops to market.

As well as a gun, Officer Houston carries on her belt a walkie-talkie, keys, CS gas, a torch, a Taser gun and an extendable baton. She is one of four guards who will keep an eye on the 15-strong chain gang today.


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