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By the slim chance that you missed the storylines behind our10-6 record, you can see it again at yesterday #1 associatedlink. The biggest hits were definitely San Diego and Downtown indy.Obviously the Chargers are always a slow starting team, but due to 2,400 miles or whatever thatCarolina had to travel for the game, missing their top WR, it definitely felt like things wouldchange. This is why trends are important. Funny though how theycontrolled video game for 3 1/2 quarters and still hadnovember 23 as time expired.

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Zane: I am unable to give you exact numbers but it is always cost 5%of exactly what the Black Eyed Peas last video cost.Our mom, Marti Heil actually did the costuming for 90% of this cast.Produced by her wardrobe, she is really so creative and jewelry as well so we used excellent of her jewelrypieces in the house. I think it was a 27 person crew, and one and all worked for gratis for fourdays in 104-110 degree weather.

Rock band Carney from LA. recently played a show in Chicago, horrifying than interviewed brothers Reeve (vocals/guitar) and Zane (guitarist) Carney abouttheir new album, the Broadway production of "Spider-Man: Whenever The Dark", their music video for"Love Me Chase Me", and more. To read my concert review of Carney, check thispage.

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