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Cable Modem Wifi Scientific Atlanta

Scientific Atlanta was a supplier of transmission networks for broadband access to the home, set-top cable boxes, cable modems and digital interactive subscriber systems for video, high-speed Internet, voice over IP (VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support.

Cable Modem Wifi Scientific Atlanta

Products for the cable TV industry, from fiber optic network equipment for head-end media acquisition, to Explorer digital cable boxes (as well as universal remotes to go with them), and cable modems (formerly branded as WebSTAR until the Cisco acquisition in 2006), dominate Scientific Atlanta's sales. Scientific Atlanta's most popular modem is the Scientific Atlanta 2100, because it is often supplied by cable providers like Spectrum, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications. Scientific Atlanta also supplies distribution technology to networks such as Bloomberg Television, CNN, ESPN and many others.

On November 21, 2015, Cisco completed sale of its Connected Devices Business Unit (CDBU) to Technicolor SA.[18] This business was comprised primarily by customer premises equipment (CPE) related hardware and software that had originated at Scientific Atlanta, including set top boxes, cable gateways / modems, CableCard devices, digital transport adapters, wireless video access points, network extenders, accessories and eleven software products related to these offerings.[19]

We've identified a number of cable modems and gateways used for Xfinity Internet, both Comcast owned and customer owned, with a DOCSIS certificate that is expiring. To avoid a service interruption, impacted customers must replace their modem or gateway before the expiration date.

After you've lost service on a device listed below, you must install another cable modem or gateway to retain internet service with Comcast. If no other device is present and you don't intend to replace the expired modem or gateway, internet service must be removed from the account. This could require repackaging and the loss of promotions.

Photos are generic. Minor scratches. Item looks good. No cracks or broken parts. Power Supply is included and multitested for voltage. Light comes on when power is plugged into modem. Modem includes all cords and cables shown in auction photo (cable color may vary) - USB, EtherNet, power supply cord. Plus a coaxial cable not shown in photo.

Cable modems have built-in diagnostics for getting information on the quality of the cable signal coming to the modem. The procedures for accessing these diagnostics vary depending on the brand and model of cable modem you have. If the information below won't get you to these diagnostics, please contact the manufacturer of your cable modem (be it leased or owned). A few modems may have this information in the manual that they came with. For some cable modems, you can access these diagnostics even if the cable modem hasn't obtained block sync.

Telephone wiring description: Several configurations were employed. In the first, one computer was located in the basement, near the amateur station. The other was located in a bedroom on the first floor. A 50-foot telephone wire was connected between the two computers, without being tied into the telephone wiring. In the 2nd configuration, the computers were interconnected via the residence telephone wiring. This residence was built in 1950, with numerous "handyman" installations of various telephone wiring. The wiring uses a combination of "star" and "daisy-chain" techniques. It all appears to be actual phone wiring, but is probably a combination of wiring supplied by the phone company and various "aftermarket" wiring. There are telephone jacks at 6 locations in the house. There are numerous devices connected to the phone line, including 4 telephones, one FAX/answering machine, one computer modem (off) and the telephone connection to the Scientific Atlanta cable downconverter. In the 3rd configuration, all consumer devices were disconnected from the telephone wiring. The cable-TV phone connection was left in place.--- HPN Version 1 testing at W1RFI- page 2 of 3 ---

Separately Roberts said Comcast will roll out Docsis 3.0 cable modems broadly by the end of the year. The modems can bond four or more 6 MHz channels to deliver data rates to 100 Mbits/second. Future versions will bond additional channels to hit up to 160 Mbits/s, he added.

Some modems might be tricked into using the default seed for their password generator if you disconnect the coaxial cable and reboot your modem. The theory is that the modem gets its settings from the ISP via TFTP (don't worry if you don't know what that is) and by disconnecting the cable you're effectively preventing the modem from reaching the ISP to get the settings, thus defaulting to the known seed.

One detail about this technique is that since your modem will be disconnected from the internet, you might not be able to do much with it. You can try logging in (assuming it works) and then reconnect the coaxial cable but that might force you to reauthenticate with the proper password for which you don't know the seed.

In 1Q 02, the DSL modem market declined 16% in unit shipments from 4Q 01. Seasonality affected the DSL modem market slightly, which made 1Q 02 a slower quarter for most vendors. Europe remained a stronger market for DSL modems in comparison to North America with some 50-60% of modems shipped by top DSL modem vendors going to Europe in 1Q 02. Overall the worldwide cable modem market experienced a 9% decrease in unit shipments in 1Q 02. CableLabs released the results of wave 21, which included 11 vendors receiving DOCSIS 1.1 certification, including Accton, Arris, Askey, Conexant, Quanta, Samsung, Scientific- Atlanta, Tellabs, Terayon, Thomson, and Xrostech. Motorola experienced a 40% decline in unit shipments in 1Q 02 while many of its customers recovered from the [email protected] incident. Motorola expects to regain momentum in cable modem unit shipments in 2Q 02.


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