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[S2E7] Simon Says Time Out ^NEW^

Let me read to you again from Nathaniel Johnson's closing statement, only this time, keep in mind who he is, where he is and when it is. Johnson says, "I am not guilty of rape and the statement I have is a true statement but the shape of the courtroom to the community and citizens of this town, Colored and White, I think I would bring a big confusion between them. And I know rape is a serious charge and I know it is more serious by a Colored man being accused of rape by a White woman and so, I want to leave it in ya'lls hands and trust you all to do what the Lord and justice of it and I am not guilty of rape in my heart. That is the truth from God."

[S2E7] Simon Says Time Out

MG: To put that in perspective, there was a case in Atlanta right around the same time as Johnson's only that involved a White man convicted of raping his Black maid. He broke down the bathroom door and attacked her. He got two to five years. White on Black rape was a two to five-year crime in the state of Georgia. Johnson faced the death penalty. So when Johnson says in his final statement, "I know rape is a serious charge and I know it is more serious by a Colored man being accused of rape by a White woman," that's what he's talking about. There's one set of rules for White people and another for Black people. And the standards for legal representation, those are different too.

POLICE STATION: "And then Dean went back to Karen's place to check up on her," says Sam. "I mean, she had been pretty upset earlier." "So why didn't you go with him?" asks Diana. "I just went back to the motel," says Sam. "How did you know I was there, by the way?" She explains they found the motel matchbook on Dean when they arrested him. "Now, let's stop fooling around. You were with your brother the whole time you were in Baltimore. Why separate now? Because your brother left you, to go murder Karen". "He didn't kill anyone," insists Sam. She hits the table angrily. "I heard the 911 call! Karen was terrified. She said someone was in the house!"

ASHLAND STREET: Sam and Diana are in an abandoned building that Claire was last seen entering. She asks him what they're looking for, and he tells her he'll let her know when they find it. Diana and Sam split up and Diana hears something behind her as he walks. She turns around and sees Claire. She starts coming toward Diana, reaching out. Diana yells for Sam and he comes, but by the time he arrives, Claire is gone. "She was over there by the window," says Diana, and the pair move aside a shelf to get to the window. On the other side of the window is written 'Ashland Sup(plies)'. "Our mystery word," says Diana. Sam takes out his EMF meter and, after explaining it to Diana, he picks up a signal from inside a wall. He breaks the wall with a crowbar and says he can definitely see something inside. As he continues breaking in the wall, he says "You know, this is bothering me". "Well, you are digging up a corpse." says Diana. Sam laughs and says, "No, not that. That's, uh, pretty par for the course actually". "Then what?" asks Diana. "It's just... I mean no vengeful spirits I've ever tussled with wanted to be wasted. So why the hell would Claire lead us to her remains? It doesn't make any sense". Diana and Sam lift out the body, which is in a bag. Sam cuts the rope tying it and unwraps it. They take a look at Claire's body inside, and Diana sees that her wrists are tied. Sam agrees that her wrists would be bruised, just like Diana's. Diana then finds a necklace on the girl. Diana says that she has seen one like it, they're very rare, they're custom made over on Carson Street. She pulls one just like it from under her shirt. She says Pete gave it to her. "Now this all makes perfect sense," says Sam. "I'm sorry?" Dana asks. "Yeah, you see Claire is not a vengeful spirit, she's a death omen". "Excuse me?", says Diana. "Claire's not killing anyone. She's trying to warn them. You see sometimes, spirits don't want vengeance, they want justice. Which is why she's here in the first place, she want us to know who her killer is." Sam pauses. "Detective, how much do you know about your partner?". Diana thinks for a second. "Oh my God," she says. "What?" Sam asks. "About a year ago, some heroin went missing from lock-up. Obviously it was a cop. I never found it who did it, but whoever did it would need someone to fence their product..." "...somebody like a heroin dealer," says Sam, "Somebody like Claire".

Jewish tradition says the prayer was composed in the Persian period, but it has been revised many times over the years. The Talmud says Gamaliel II, who led the Sanhedrin after the Romans destroyed the Temple in AD 70, played a role in shaping the prayer and how it was used, and the most recent change accepted within Orthodox Judaism was made as recently as the 16th century.

Lucy and her friends emerge from the mall bathroom dressed differently in revealing clothing. They begin strolling around the mall. Annie tells Mary that she needs to get Ruthie ready to go to the mall and when Mary points out that they will be showing up early, Annie says that that is why they call her "Mom". Mary is searching everywhere for Ruthie, but can't find her and starts to get desperate. Simon is trying out thermals in his bedroom and Matt tells him that there are no thermals in the house. Mary finds Ruthie sleeping on her bed and wakes her since she has fallen asleep because Mary took so long. Mary then tells Ruthie to get ready for the mall. Eric is at Stan's parent's house and tells them that Karen is in a gang, but her parents don't believe him. After thinking about it, they realize that Karen has been spending more time with her friends. Eric asks if they have noticed anything different in Karen's room, but Karen's parents get defensive. Karen's mother decides that they will go into Karen's room and look around. When they enter her room and begin to look around, they don't notice anything and begin to get upset that Eric accused their daughter of being in a gang. Stan's parents still let Stan spend the night with the Camdens.

Stan shows up at the Camden's house and gets mad at Simon for telling his parents and coming over to their house. Eric, listening to their conversation, tells Matt, who was also listening to their conversation while laying down on the couch, that he has a hunch and leaves the house. Mary and Lucy clean the makeup off of Ruthie as Ruthie tells Mary that she was a bad example to her so she must have been a bad example to Lucy, so Lucy was a bad example to her. Ruthie says that Mary was a bad example because she didn't find her during hide and seek. Mary apologizes and Mary offers for Ruthie to sleep over with them at night. The doorbell rings and Annie answers the door for Karen who brought Stan's bag and asks her about her belt buckle. Annie tells her about a church member and her son that was involved in a gang and had the same "B" tattooed on his knuckles. Annie tells her that gangs are not good and they are not her friends, but Karen tells her that her life is none of Annie's business. Matt sees Simon and Stan and Simon tells Matt that they are going to be making their own thermals in their room with a box fan. Matt tells Stan that it isn't Simon's fault that his parents know. Simon and Stan decide to hang out with Matt. Stan's parents and Eric are looking in Stan's room and they find guns and other weaponry under Stan's bed. Karen walks in and her mother begins to yell at her about how they worked hard to move to a good neighborhood to get away from those influences. Her mom says that they will be leaving the house to stay away from the gang, but Karen tells her parents and Eric that she will get out of the gang. Eric explains that it is harder than she thinks to get out of a gang, but Karen doesn't believe him and thinks that they are her friends and they will understand. Eric also explains that they will beat her up if she tries to leave the gang. Karen's mother asks for a place to send Karen, but Karen doesn't believe that they will hurt her. Her parents say that they are overwhelmed and need time to decide what to do and Eric leaves. Karen says that she doesn't need Eric's help as he leaves.

"As a show, we're very clear about this being a time when a woman was told that her sole existence was good only for marriage and childbearing, with no value outside of her role as a wife and mother," Van Dusen told Esquire. "That's exactly what Daphne says in the pilot. When it comes to the topic of sex and the actual practice of making those children or being a wife, she's kept in total darkness. Her own mother, we see, doesn't even tell her the truth about the matter."

With the support of Tyrion, who says he trusts Jon from the time he spent with him at the Wall, Melisandre convinces Daenerys to send a raven to Jon summoning him to Dragonstone to bend the knee to her.

In season one, episode four, "Phantom Traveller", Dean and Sam discover that every time someone says God's name in Latin (or Christo for Christ) out loud, demons will react most ferociously. Although the boys never use this tactic again, it is used by the nephilim Jack in season 14 for the first time since season one

In season seven, episode three, "The Girl Next Door", there's a scene where a leviathan is checking over a credit card statement, and asks about "Mistress Magda" before hanging up on the customer, because of getting a trace on Dean and Sam. Mistress Magda is the name Chuck says when he answers the phone in season five, episode twenty-two, "Swan Song", when Dean calls for the location of the fight between Michael and the Devil, the thought to be the last time we see Chuck, and he mysteriously disappears in a puff of white smoke. 041b061a72


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