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Its My 18th Birthday ((LINK))

Roller skating rinks are still a thing and if you have one near you, definitely consider it for your birthday party! You and your friends can dress up in retro styles (hello vintage shopping), eat pizza and snacks, and roller skate to your favorite music.

Its my 18th birthday

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Go to dinner at the restaurant at the hotel, then head back to the room. Stay up late, wear matching pajamas, watch movies, and order dessert from room service. Maybe even hit up the spa and swim in the pool. A perfect low-key but glam birthday party idea.

I love this 18th birthday party pack because it literally has everything you need to throw your 18th birthday party! From balloons to a backdrop and props, for less than $30 you get everything.

My eighteenth birthday fell on a weekday, and I had a small party planned for the weekend, but me and my mother had a good day to ourselves, me opening my presents, my mother taking us out for meal, before snuggling while watching a movie. 041b061a72


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