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I have since picked up a second one... Hammond A-102 A Hammond Tonewheel organ, c. 1965. Similar (identical?) to the B3, except it has internal amplification. The A-102 was built in the French Provincial style and has Queen Anne's Legs. No doilies, please. The original Hammond Company has been purchased by Suzuki, Inc. Don't expect to find any tonewheels there, as all new Hammonds are pretty much done with electronics. Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator module. 8-part multitimbral, kinda the rack-mount DX7II. DD-50 Department store digital drum set. Great way to take out the stress of the day! Kawai K5000R Additive Synthesis Module Ensoniq FIZMO Ensoniq's "Transwave" synthesizer from around 1998. It can create very weird and lively sounds which change over time, and it's fun to program. It has a wealth of effects, a vocoder (!!??), an arpeggiator, and lots of modulation routing. It was a very good deal, so I snapped it up to see what I can do with it. ESQ-1 Digital synthesizer/workstation, known for the variety of sounds it can create and its ease of programming. Got an ESQ1 or other piece of Ensoniq gear? Start here. Click over to Buchty's page---it's great for ESQ-1 owners! Mackie 1642-VLZ Pro 16-channel Mixer 1202-VLZ 12-channel Mixer Midiverb4 Two-channel MIDI-controllable effects processor. Decent UI, lots of parameters to tweak. Sound quality? Mid to high quality. Andromeda A6 Perhaps the most powerful analogue synthesizer ever made...? MPX 100 Two-channel MIDI-controllable effects processor. Sound quality? You need to ask? It's a Lexicon! A cheap one with somewhat limited functionality and a knobs-only UI, but it's very smooth and very much worth its low-end price. Kenton Electronics Pro-2000 Two-channel MIDI-to-CV converter to control the MG-1 and Minimoog via MIDI Cakewalk (formerly Twelve Tone Systems) Cakewalk SONARProject 5 Sequencing and digital audio recording software. Now with "DXi" synthesizers, which are software synths based on Microsoft's DirectX and WDM drivers. They have surprisingly low latency (time it takes for the note you hit to make sound). My rig can do about 25ms---noticeable, but not too bad.See Cakewalk's Direct X-Files site for more information about DirectX effects and DXi synthesizers. Event Electronics (now ECHO Audio) Gina Multi-channel PCI bus digital audio card. 2 in, 8 out. Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Timepiece AV 8 in, 8 out MIDI patchbay module. If you have a lot of MIDI equipment to hook to your PC, do yourself a favor and get a configurable patchbay like this.WARNING: Only the oldest possible drivers are available at the MOTU site (as of July 3, 2001 anyway). Cross your fingers that this unit will work going forward as your operating system is updated. E-Magic SoundDiver PC-based patch editor/librarian. This software has the ability to create, edit, and store patches for the vast majority of the MIDI-based synthesizers on the planet (which thankfully makes up for its rather bad UI and bugs).This product has been discontinued on the PC. :-( Native Instruments Pro-52 A software synthesizer of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 synthesizer. I have heard it do some amazing digital aliasing, so I don't use it all that much. Also if this software synth is indicative of the Prophet 5, the Prophet 5 was a rather limited synth---but it sure got a lot of hype (and use) in the 80s! Arturia Moog Modular VCS-80V I have two software synthesizers from Arturia: Moog Modular V is a virtual Moog Modular. It comes with a very healthy complement of modules including a sequencer. Yep, you drag around virtual patch cords to hook together the modules. Nice sound. I have yet to really get into the CS-80V, which is a virtual recreation of Yamaha's monster. Retired (or semi-retired) Equipment

moog voyager editor librarian crack


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