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Mr. Zisman will also perform a solo recital on Wednesday, May 5 at 8pm in Killian Hall. This concert will include a performance of Piazzolla's Tango Sensations with freshman Jason Parris and senior Sandy Choi (violins), graduate student Jennifer Grucza (viola) and Peter Jung (cello).

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The Berlin-based Armida (named for an opera by Haydn), consisting of Martin Funda and Johanna Staemmler (JS), violins, Teresa Schwamm, viola, and Peter-Philipp Staemmler (PPS), cello, has racked up a formidable array of prizes and concerts in the prime venues of Europe. What appears to be their first US tour takes them to bits of the Northeast and Southeast.

The concert is performed by the HSO String Quartet (Lisa Rautenberg, violin; Martha Kayser, violin; Nicholas Borghoff, viola; and Jeffrey Krieger, cello), the HSO Piacere Quartet (Jaroslaw Lis, violin; Deborah Tyler, violin; Michael Wheeler, viola; and Jia Cao, cello) and the HSO Mosaic Trio (Lu Sun Friedman, violin; Pat Daly Vance, viola; and Peter Zay, cello). 041b061a72


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