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Download Universal Tv Remote For Android

The two TV remote apps we have looked at so far both focus on controlling a specific device. But what if you want a remote control app that can manage multiple devices? You need a universal remote app.

Download Universal Tv Remote For Android

TV remote control apps are handy. They can get you out of a bind if you misplace the physical device or the batteries run out. However, even the best TV remote apps aren't close in functionality to the best all-in-one universal TV remotes.

Technology is getting smarter and we not only have smartphones but smart TVs and smartwatches as well these days. Thanks to multiple video streaming platforms, TV is still one of the best sources of entertainment. But the experience could get annoying if you lose or misplace the remote. In such instances, a smartphone comes in handy. Yes! You can easily control a smart TV right from your smartphone. In this post, we will share 5 of the best universal remote apps for Android in 2021. With that said, let us jump straight into the article.

Android TV Remote Control is a popular universal remote app on Google Play Store. I found the app to be simple and straight to the point. There are no unnecessary complicated features, and it just does the job it is meant for, and that is allowing users to control their smart TVs.

Another clean Android universal remote app that you can use on your smartphone to control smart TV is Lean Remote. You can use this app to control devices such as smart TVs, IR devices, AC, DVD, BluRay, projector, home theatre, soundbar, and much more.

Another popular contender for the best universal remote app for Android is CodeMatics Remote. You can control any Android TV if it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It provides features like voice search, all basic remote functionalities, access to apps installed on your TV, touch-pad navigation, and more.

Once you have downloaded the universal remote app, it will automatically detect and display all the smart TVs in a list. You need to select the TV and enter the passcode shown on your TV screen. Ads can be removed with a one-time in-app purchase.

AnyMote is surely a decent pick for being the best universal remote control app for Android TV. It can control all of your smart devices. In fact, the list includes over 900,000 devices. There are dedicated buttons for streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, etc.

Last, but not least, the app in our list of the best universal remote app for Android is CetusPlay. It can be overwhelming for some but has plenty of features if you are looking for a powerful remote app. The app is available for free but comes with ads.

So, this concludes our list of the best universal remote app for Android in 2021. Note that I make use of the Android TV Remote Control app. It offers all the features that one would need to control their smart TV in absence of remote control. However, you can check out others as well.

The Android TV remote is a generic universal remote that works to control any Android-powered TV. A basic D-pad and game-pad layout makes navigating through your TV interface easy. The app connects to your TV via your local network or Bluetooth.

This app works as a universal remote that can handle a variety of separate appliances. Everything from TVs, to set-top boxes, smart appliances and home automation systems can be accessed with the SURE Universal Smart TV Remote through your Wi-Fi network.

You will need a few apps to get the ball rolling. There are three different types of apps to download, and they are all free. You can get a basic TV remote app, apps for your streaming device (such as Roku or Chromecast) and general streaming service apps (such as those for Netflix or Hulu). The app(s) that are most useful for you will depend on if you mainly use your smart TV or a streaming device.

Ever wanted to catch up on your favorite TV show, only to realize that the remote control is missing or has run out of batteries? All you have to do is download a remote app on your smartphone or tablet, and pair it with your TV. There are even universal remote apps that let you control your other home theater devices, as long as you take the time to set them up. Here is our list of the best TV remote apps for smart TVs, streaming devices, including the best remote app for Roku, Apple TV, and FireStick devices.

With the Universal Remote TV Smart app, you can set up remotes for all your smart TVs. All you have to do is download the app and scan your network for any connected smart TVs on the same WiFi network. Then enter a pairing code that appears on your TV, and a remote will appear on your smartphone.

What makes this one of the best universal remote apps for smart TVs is that your remote will actually change, depending on what kind of smart TV you have. So, if you have a Samsung TV, your remote will have all the same buttons and functions that your physical remote had. And, if you have a Roku TV, the remote will not look the same as your Samsung remote.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV device, the best TV remote app you can download is the official Amazon Fire TV app. Not only is this app easy to use, it comes with all the basic features you need to control and navigate your Fire TV device.

AnyMote is a universal remote app that will help you control your TV, as well as other home theater equipment, such as media players and smart speakers. And if you happen to have air conditioning in your media room, you can even use this app to control the temperature, too.

This app lets you control infrared and WiFi devices alike. You can set up automated tasks, execute voice commands, and even download it to your smartwatch for more portable control of your TV. The app also comes with an editor feature, which allows you to add tons of new buttons and personalize your remotes to better manage your home theater experience.

The difference between "Easy Universal TV Remote" and other applications of this style is that with this remote you can use the IR port of your mobile phone , and worked exactly like real electronic universal remotes .

Compatibility: If you have specific devices that you want to control, be sure the app will work with them before downloading the app. Although most universal TV remote apps are compatible with most brands of televisions and set top boxes, if you have an older computer you want to use to control things, you may have a tougher time finding a compatible unit. For your PC, you may need the Unified remote app. Using Bluetooth or Wifi to connect to your PC, the Unified remote app can control any app on your computer.

When seeking the best universal remote app for Android, you have quite a few options available. Unfortunately, there are fewer options for iOS devices because of the lack of an IR blaster, but our #2 and #3 choices do provide an Apple option. As long as you can stick with Android, though, the best feature for our top choice, the Smart IR Remote, is its flexibility: it works with hundreds of thousands of different devices, while also allowing for complete customization to meet your needs.

If your Smart TV was made by a different manufacturer, there are other universal remote control apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. Once you have an app, you also search for your TV.

You can find many great universal remote apps on both the Google Play Store and the Apple/iOS App Store, and you can even find a Samsung TV remote app that accurately substitutes for the physical device.

You can if you add an Apple TV 4K. Otherwise, you'd have to download a separate app to use your iPhone as a remote, like a universal remote app or the Fire TV or Roku TV. Though the newer Fire TV smart televisions support AirPlay, the Fire TV sticks and cube are not compatible with AirPlay.

So lucky for Android users! Actually even without IR blasters, I know there's a technology that turns smartphones into universal remote, for apps like mob-mob even allows users to control devices outside home.

Download and install the Remote control application for any TV - a universal remote control from our website and you can permanently solve all problems with the TV remote control in a few simple steps:

If your phone has an IR blaster, you can download a universal remote app and use it as a remote for your DVD player, TV, and other household appliances. Some smartphone manufactures have abandoned old school IR blaster but we can still find it on some devices such as Xiaomi, Galaxy S6 and LG G5.

If you can't find an exact remote control for your model, you can purchase a universal remote control. A universal remote control can work with DVD players of various brands, like Sony, LG, Samsung, and so on. What's more, it can also work with TV, Blu-ray player, cable box and other entertainment equipment.

This Remote Changes Everything!Peel Smart Remote revolutionizes your home entertainment experience by combining universal remote control and live or streamed TV listings into one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote and TV guide you need.

Personalize Your TV Program Guide & ListingsUnlike other universal remote controls, Peel Smart Remote allows you to easily personalize your TV channel listing to match your local over-the-air, dish or cable provider or streaming service.


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