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What is an Asian handicap? Guide on how to bet on the 1st half, 2nd half & Calculate winning/losing bets ✅

What is an Asian handicap?

For those passionate about online football betting, the Asian handicap, commonly known as 'kèo rung' in Vietnamese, is likely a familiar and popular betting option. This is one of the widely embraced football betting markets that attracts a large number of participants. However, some bettors may still be unfamiliar with this type of bet.

Asian handicap, or 'bóng rung' in Vietnamese, is a form of in-play betting, meaning it is placed while a match is in progress or live. The mechanics of playing Asian handicap are relatively simple and easy to apply. These bets are only applicable during a specific time frame, adjusting based on the evolving betting dynamics during the football match when reviewing the odds.

Typically, the odds for Asian handicap bets change within 2 to 5 minutes, requiring bettors to act quickly and make their selections promptly to capitalize on the most favorable odds. Due to its easy application and the frequent appearance of attractive odds, Asian handicap bets have gained popularity among many betting enthusiasts.

The key appeal lies in the enticing payout rates offered by this type of football betting. Winning just one match can result in a significant profit, allowing players to recover and even surpass their previous betting amounts. This type of bet is particularly suitable for those who enjoy thrilling and fiery football matches, providing a sense of triumph for the participants.

Guide on how to check Asian handicap odds

One unique aspect of running ball football betting is that players can participate in placing bets at any time during the confrontation with opponents. Regardless of the time during the match, bettors can make wagers without concerning themselves with the previous results. Players only need to base their decisions on the current developments to place their bets.

What players should focus on when entering a running ball match is understanding the current situation. Based on the current odds provided by the bookmaker, players will decide on the betting options to maximize their chances of football win tips. In other words, the odds are only considered from the moment the player places their bet.

In the Vietnamese football betting market, players can see the prevalence of this type of bet, along with over-under bets, due to its easy-to-understand and accessible gameplay. Generally, players only need to grasp how to read running ball football odds to proceed with betting, leading to explosive victories.

In reality, players don't need to overthink the intricacies of this form of football betting. It is similar to other common football bets like Asian handicap, European handicap, or Over/Under bets. The only difference is that this type of bet fluctuates based on the match's dynamics without being fixed to a specific time.

Instructions on how to bet on Asian handicap

In order to make accurate choices for Asian handicap football bets, players must know how to place their bets. Additionally, understanding the current Asian handicap odds provided by bookmakers is crucial to optimizing the chances of success. As the match begins, the Asian handicap odds become active on the betting board, and players need to follow them closely to make the most accurate betting decisions.

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Here's a basic example of how players can place Asian handicap bets:

If, in the odds table, the results for both teams show no goals scored, and the Over/Under odds are set at 1. If a bettor chooses to bet on Under, it means predicting that no goals will be scored, while betting on Over predicts that two goals will be scored. If only one goal is scored, the bet results in a draw.

However, whether a player's bet is accepted depends on the timing of placing the bet, as the odds continuously change. Being quick is crucial, as opportunities can slip away. When participating in Asian handicap betting, a player's ability to focus is extremely important. With a bit of luck, the chances of winning are significantly higher.

In reality, luck can have a significant impact on the betting experience for Asian handicap bets. If a player can watch the match live and provide real-time 1/1 odds analysis, it enhances the chances of winning. On the other hand, rushing or making impulsive bets increases the risk of losing, especially if the bet is placed hastily or without proper consideration.

Most accurate method to read Asian handicap odds

To secure a complete victory, you need to know how to effectively and accurately read the Asian handicap odds. Here is a guide to successfully playing Asian handicap that I want to share with you, covering essential information about various types of football bets:

For example, in a match between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic in the Euro 2020 knockout stage, the current score is 2-1, and the over/under odds are set at 1.5.

If the over bet is placed at 1.5, there needs to be at least 2 goals scored for you to win the bet.

If the under bet is placed at 1.5, the match can either end without any more goals, or if there are additional goals, the bet still wins as usual.

When the most accurate Asian handicap odds are set, the major tournament concludes, and you only need to observe and wait for the result, counting how many goals were scored.

How to calculate winnings for Asian handicap bets

The question of how much profit can be made from Asian handicap betting is a common concern for many betting enthusiasts when choosing this football betting option. Because the Asian handicap odds fluctuate constantly based on updates from the bookmakers, the odds ratio will be calculated and finalized when the betting match concludes.

Information about the winnings will be announced on the betting slip as well as the result slip for the player. The amount will be sufficient if you do not receive any yellow or red cards, or any corner kick bets, and refrain from engaging in foul play while the ball is still in play.

Formula for calculating Asian handicap betting winnings: Winnings = Bet amount * Odds at the time of bet settlement.

The article above provides detailed information about what Asian handicap betting is, and it's what quality soccer tips wants to introduce to fellow betting enthusiasts. Hopefully, after reading this article, bettors have a clear understanding of how to participate in Asian handicap football betting.

Wishing all betting enthusiasts the most exhilarating moments in football betting and the realization of truly explosive victories.


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