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We Keep Moving Forward

The series explores what's better and what needs improvement for people with disabilities since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Together we keep moving toward full access and inclusion in all aspects of life.

We Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes you can find yourself with so much to do you can find yourself wasting time trying to pick a place to begin. When this happens, I just look at what is in front of me and start on that. I understand that many of you might not find that to a profound thought, but you would be shocked how many people miss this simple solution. When all else fails just start working all movement forward is a win.

The wonder of being able to let go of set-backs, to engage in the process of learning and to keep your mind future-focused is a gift you can give yourself. By carving out some time for you, to feed your curiosity, or to explore what you really enjoy, or learn something new, you may experience a sense of renewal that can restore and energize your spirit.

Moving forward in life helps you to avoid stagnation. It allows you to maintain your pace, without being lured away by the various temptations of life. Similarly, the willingness to move on helps you to explore new opportunities where other people see only problems. By doing so, moving forward helps you to stop complaining about the struggle and makes you actively do something about it.

The ability to keep moving forward in life greatly depends on your attitude. If you allow setbacks and difficulties to break you, no progress can be made. At the same time, if you are determined not to allow difficulties to stop you, you will be able to get back up on your feet one time after another.

Regret is something that can greatly prevent you from moving forward. If you are unable to accept what happened, you will waste precious time and energy while mulling over your misery again and again.

Acceptance is, therefore, an important step towards moving forward with your life. Without it, you can never really make progress. For this reason, try to free yourself from the burden that regret has placed upon you.

Living in the past will not help you to go unstuck. At the same time, overly worrying about the future will also not help you to get going. Realize that the past cannot be changed and that the future is not set in stone. This will shift your attention from being centered too much on the past or future back to the present moment. Doing so affects an important change in perspective, as it will allow you to make use of the power of the present moment to build a better future. Moving forward is all about seizing the moment in order to effect beneficial changes in your life.

It takes an active approach to move forward in life. This process can only be set into motion by claiming full responsibility for your own mistakes. In many cases, this may be quite difficult to do. At the same time, it is what is needed to stay in control of your life. Otherwise, you will only give your power away.

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced New York's new Winter Toolkit for the new phase of the pandemic, aiming to keep New York safe, open and moving forward. The Winter Toolkit focuses on five core areas: protecting the most vulnerable New Yorkers, increasing vaccinations and boosters, strengthening our health care system, empowering local leaders, and supporting individuals facing the long-term effects of COVID.

"As we begin a new phase in our response to this pandemic, my top priority is making sure we keep New York safe, open and moving forward," Governor Hochul said. "I want to thank the health care workers, business owners and everyday New Yorkers who acted responsibly during the Omicron surge by masking up and getting vaccinated. But make no mistake: while we're moving in the right direction, this pandemic isn't over and our new Winter Toolkit shows us the path forward."

Governor Hochul also announced plans to assess the mask requirement in schools in early March, to ensure students can continue learning in-person and in the classroom. The assessment will be based on public health data, including key metrics like cases per 100,000 residents, hospital admission rates, vaccination rates, global trends and pediatric hospitalizations. Plans are already underway to distribute two tests for every K-12 student ahead of midwinter break, and continue distribution the following week when students return to school. In the meantime, Governor Hochul has directed the Department of Health to work on preliminary guidance, with input from educators and parents, to keep students and teachers safe.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said, "At every stage of the pandemic, and since Omicron emerged, the Department of Health has monitored the science to inform the State's data-driven COVID-19 response. Today, we have reached a critical point in our fight in which the proof of vaccination or masking requirement for businesses, restaurants and other indoor public spaces will expire. As the winter surge recedes, getting vaccinated and boosted remains critical to continue the progress we've made, and masking remains key to keeping children in schools safely and keeping everyone safe in public transit and other crowded settings. As we continue to assess the data, the Department is also focused on ensuring the necessary support is there for those suffering from long COVID."

Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York President Gary LaBarbera said, "The mask mandate has helped keep New York's working men and women safe and healthy during the most uncertain and volatile moments of the public health crisis. The easing of indoor mask mandates for businesses is a positive sign in New York's recovery, as it's a direct result of COVID-19 cases dropping across the state and, hopefully, the pandemic itself receding. We're grateful to Governor Hochul for her thoughtful and steady leadership in navigating New York through these uncertain times."

New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento said, "In light of the announcement today, we thank the governor for ensuring employers still have responsibilities under state statute, including the Public Employee Safety and Health Act and the New York HERO Act, which remain in effect. These laws establish safety protocols to protect workers and the public. Moving forward, in the absence of the mask mandate, employers must continue to work with their employees to make sure appropriate protections are in place."

New York State Restaurant Association President & CEO Melissa Fleischut said,"Governor Hochul clearly understood that the restaurant industry could not survive another shutdown, and the mask mandate helped ensure that we could remain open for indoor dining even as cases surged. Now as the metrics continue to trend in the right direction and consumer confidence increases, we remain hopeful that better times are ahead and we can continue our recovery from the darkest days of the pandemic. This measured approach balances public health concerns with the need to keep our doors open."

Retail Council of New York State President & CEO Melissa O'Connor said, "Governor Hochul over the past several weeks has prioritized the health and safety of New Yorkers, while recognizing the importance of keeping the economy open during the COVID-19 'winter surge' in New York. Today's announcement is a positive development for retailers throughout the state and we will continue to collaborate with the Governor on economic recovery efforts."

Before you completely move forward from your past, see what you can learn from it. There are always lessons to be learned from the things that happen to us in life. Instead of looking back at the past and just moping about it, look at it objectively.

Of course, that scenario is extreme, but the same is true for us. Movement is life. We have to keep going, we have to trust ourselves that the universe has more in store for us, but we have to be willing to take a risk and take the next step. When we hold on to the past, it locks us up like a ball and chain. But once we break those chains and move forward, the universe will unfold in a more beautiful way than we could ever imagine.

Understanding that there are indeed benefits of not letting go but that they are just short-term upsides and that I will gain much more in the long run by letting go helps me to move forward instead of getting stuck.

Thanks for the quotes they came at the right time. I have been in the house for months because I am learning to walk all over again. It has been a suggestion to go outside. With the coronavirus and still working on my walking fear trying to come in. When I came across this blog fear has no place anymore. I will move forward reaching for the life waiting for me.

Bennet said that he is eager to examine existing and new legislation that can serve as a vehicle to ensure additional jobs-driven energy legislation remains on the table for the debate moving forward.

My philosophy, one that I believe has kept clients publishing for close to 20 years, is you need to keep moving forward. Keep thinking of new ideas, learning, and growing your writing and keep pushing for sales.

Thank you for posting this. Summer time is always difficult for me for writing, given that my kids are on vacation. But this year I did keep up with submissions, in part due to your regular postings. You helped keep my writing spirits up. ?

We all have a desire in us to move forward and grow successful. To upgrade our clinical knowledge, continuing educational programs are required. Field of Periodontology is constantly changing and evolving, adapting itself to new demands and new circumstances. In current scenario, there are great changes in concepts, knowledge and technology, and therefore it stands to reason that education must include preparation for the changes that take place. The ultimate measure to excel in the field of Periodontology is to evolve a education system that is deep rooted in the scientific knowledge and latest advances in technology.


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