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Atomic Heart: descubra o segredo por trás da dublagem em PT-BR do jogo

Atomic Heart: How to Download and Play in Portuguese

If you are a fan of action RPGs, alternate history, and retrofuturistic aesthetics, you might want to check out Atomic Heart, a new game from Mundfish and Focus Entertainment. In this article, we will tell you what Atomic Heart is, how to download it, and how to play it in Portuguese.

What is Atomic Heart?

A brief introduction to the game and its setting

Atomic Heart is an FPS action RPG set in a mad, utopian world where you take part in explosive encounters against rebelling robots. The game takes place in an alternate version of the Soviet Union, where technology has advanced rapidly but society has remained stagnant. You play as a special agent sent to investigate a mysterious incident at a secret facility, where things have gone horribly wrong.

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Download File:

The main features and gameplay elements

Atomic Heart offers a rich and immersive experience that combines elements of horror, puzzle, mystery, and FPS. You will explore a vast open world filled with secrets, dangers, and wonders. You will use your experimental power glove, your arsenal of blades and cutting-edge weaponry, and your environment to fight for your life and uncover the truth. You will also upgrade your equipment, skills, and resources as you progress through the game.

How to Download Atomic Heart?

The system requirements and platforms

Atomic Heart is available for Windows 10/11, Xbox One, and Xbox Series XS. The game requires a 64-bit processor and operating system, as well as a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and 40 GB of available space. The game also supports ray tracing, HDR10, and 60 FPS on Xbox Series XS.

The available editions and prices

Atomic Heart has three editions that you can choose from:


Standard Edition$59.99The base game

Gold Edition$89.99The base game + Atomic Pass + Original Soundtrack + Digital Artbook + Midas Glove Skin + Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack

Premium Edition$99.99The base game + Atomic Pass + Original Soundtrack + Digital Artbook + Midas Glove Skin + Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack + Labor & Science Weapon Skin Pack + Early Access (one week before release)

The Atomic Pass is a season pass that grants access to four DLCs that will be released after the launch of the game. The DLCs will include new story missions, locations, enemies, weapons, skins, and more.

The steps to download the game from Steam or Xbox

To download Atomic Heart from Steam or Xbox, you need to follow these steps:

  • Create an account or sign in to Steam or Xbox.

  • Search for Atomic Heart in the store or browse the categories.

  • Select the edition that you want to buy or play with Game Pass.

  • Add the game to Add the game to your cart or library and proceed to checkout or download.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment or installation.

  • Launch the game from your Steam or Xbox library and enjoy!

How to Play Atomic Heart in Portuguese?

The supported languages and audio options

Atomic Heart supports multiple languages for subtitles, menus, and interface, including English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. However, the game only has two audio options: English and Russian. You can choose your preferred language and audio option in the game settings.

The steps to change the language settings in the game menu

To change the language settings in Atomic Heart, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch the game and go to the main menu.

  • Select Options and then Language.

  • Select your desired language for subtitles, menus, and interface from the drop-down list.

  • Select your desired audio option from the drop-down list.

  • Apply the changes and return to the main menu.

The benefits of playing in Portuguese

Playing Atomic Heart in Portuguese can have several benefits for you, such as:

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  • Improving your comprehension and vocabulary of the language.

  • Enhancing your immersion and enjoyment of the game's story and atmosphere.

  • Supporting the developers and publishers who made the game available in your language.


A summary of the main points and a call to action

In conclusion, Atomic Heart is a thrilling and captivating action RPG that takes you to a twisted version of the Soviet Union where you face off against rogue robots and unravel a dark mystery. You can download Atomic Heart from Steam or Xbox for Windows 10/11 or Xbox One/Series XS. You can also play Atomic Heart in Portuguese by changing the language settings in the game menu. If you are ready to embark on this adventure, don't hesitate to get Atomic Heart today and enjoy its stunning graphics, gameplay, and story.


Is Atomic Heart a horror game?

Atomic Heart is not a horror game per se, but it does have some elements of horror, such as jump scares, gore, creepy enemies, and a dark atmosphere. However, it also has humor, action, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Therefore, it is more of a hybrid genre that mixes different styles and tones.

Is Atomic Heart multiplayer?

No, Atomic Heart is a single-player game that focuses on its story and world. However, the developers have hinted that they might add some multiplayer features or modes in the future as part of their post-launch support.

Is Atomic Heart optimized for Xbox Series XS?

Yes, Atomic Heart is optimized for Xbox Series XS. It supports ray tracing, HDR10, and 60 FPS on these consoles. It also has faster loading times and smoother performance than on Xbox One.

Is Atomic Heart available on Game Pass?

No, Atomic Heart is not available on Game Pass at launch. However, it might be added to Game Pass later on as part of Microsoft's partnership with Focus Entertainment. Alternatively, you can buy Atomic Heart at a discounted price if you are a Game Pass subscriber.

Is Atomic Heart similar to BioShock?

Atomic Heart has some similarities to BioShock in terms of its setting, aesthetics, themes, and gameplay. However, it also has its own unique features and identity that make it stand out from BioShock. For example, Atomic Heart has more open-world exploration, more customization options, more melee combat, more humor, and more sci-fi elements than BioShock.


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