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Fool’s Mate Friday: A Knight’s tale.

As the name suggests, this is used to checkmate your opponent if they are foolish enough to fall for it. Ideally, it only comprises of two moves! It is the quickest way to checkmate your opponent in the game of chess.

Fool’s Mate Friday: A knight’s tale.

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However, Webly smiles and assures them that it's completely harmless. He cites his display as "the six hundredth and ninety-ninth wonder of the universe", and a master at chess, despite the fact that it is an empty shell. He offers five Imperial shillings for a penny if Artie can beat the Cyberman at chess. Artie offers a sandwich, and Webley accepts. The Cyberman defeats Artie with a fool's mate. Webley shows that the shell is free of all devices and offers a silver penny to Angie if she can figure out how it works. She guesses that it's done with mirrors, but the Doctor deduces that it's being controlled by a man inside the box. He opens up the box, revealing Webley's conspirator, Porridge, and Webley gives Angie the silver penny. 350c69d7ab


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